What is Palliative Care

Palliative care extends the principles of hospice care to a broader population that could benefit from receiving this type of care earlier in their illness. Our palliative care program or CPR is a new model of health care delivering a level of care not available in the past. It is a pre-hospice service for patients diagnosed with chronic conditions such as congestive heart failure, (stage 4) cancer, COPD, and dementia. It is for a time in the patient’s life when traditional strategies and palliative strategies are both important for the patient. Unlike hospice care where the patient declines aggressive treatment in favor of comfort, in our palliative care program (CPR) no specific treatment is excluded from consideration including aggressive treatment options.

Our typical palliative care patient would be continuing aggressive treatment but at the same time would be supported by our CPR team to manage side effects and pain while remaining at home and avoiding unnecessary hospitalization. As the disease becomes more advanced the patient may choose to rely more and more on comfort and palliative care. As the illness progresses further, palliative care may lead to hospice care. Whatever the stage of the disease, our program provides the best level of care and enhances the quality of the patient’s life.

Collaborative Approach

Our caregivers partner with all of our patients’ relatives, creating an environment of comfort and security for your loved ones.

Wide-ranging Clinical Support

Our team of professionals help relieve the physical symptoms of illness while addressing the patients emotional and spiritual needs

Skilled Staff

Each member of our hospice team is uniquely qualified to provide specialty level end-of-life care for all types of illnesses.

On Site Care

Our experienced caregivers provide the practical tools and education necessary to care for your loved one at home.

How Does Palliative Care Work?

Typically our palliative care (CPR) patient continues aggressive treatment while our service supports him at home to avoid unnecessary hospitalization and provides pain and symptom management. Our team defines a comprehensive plan of action directly related to the patient’s medical diagnosis, including evidence based education about the disease and medical prognostication about the course of the illness and treatment options.

We connect the patient and his caregiver to community resources. Our service also provides practical and emotional support for the caregivers as well as advanced care planning to ensure the most appropriate care for the patient. Our service is covered by Medicare and most Private Insurance.

What Services are Provided?

Our team includes a physician, nurse practitioner, social worker and support staff to coordinate care with patient’s physician. We provide nurse visits and phone consultation by a board certified palliative care nurse practitioner. We provide access to triage 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We provide home visits by our social workers through our social services who help support both patient and caregiver. Our team provides ongoing coordination of care with PCP and Specialists.


When you have a chronic illness, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed as your disease progresses. Continuum Palliative Resources provides home-based palliative care, you will be assigned a Nurse Practitioner to provide home visits to enhance your daily lifestyle through education, medication management and necessary medical tools to support your management of your advanced disease.


Regular visits by registered hospice nurses who have specialized training in pain and symptom management.

Psychosocial Support

We provide psychosocial support for our patients, their families, and their long-term staff and caregivers.

Spiritual Support

Constant spiritual support is provided to both patients and their family members if requested

Emergency Care

Consultation and emergency care is available twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year.