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Easing The Emotional Pain of Serious Illness

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Facing a serious or terminal illness is stressful for most patients and their families. Hospice or palliative care may be necessary to provide your loved one with the best care. Professional care provided by a compassionate palliative or hospice care service enables your loved one to live comfortably and receive treatment for their chronic or terminal condition.

Continuum Care of Florida offers patients and their families compassionate, professional palliative and hospice care services. Our highly trained staff provides you with individualized care that physically, mentally, and spiritually supports your loved one.

Collaborative Approach

Our caregivers partner with all of our patients’ relatives, creating an environment of comfort and security for your loved ones.

Wide-ranging Clinical Support

Our team of professionals help relieve the physical symptoms of illness while addressing the patients emotional and spiritual needs

Skilled Staff

Each member of our hospice team is uniquely qualified to provide specialty level end-of-life care for all types of illnesses.

On Site Care

Our experienced caregivers provide the practical tools and education necessary to care for your loved one at home.

Continuum Therapies

Offering these unique treatments for meaningful relief

Music Therapy

Virtual Reality

Equine Therapy

What is Palliative Care?

Our palliative care program (CPR) offers patients and their families who are facing a serious or chronic condition both traditional and hospice-focused care.

Our CPR services are ideal for patients with chronic conditions or illnesses such as:

  • Late-stage cancer
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Liver disease
  • Dementia
  • Kidney disease
  • Stroke
  • COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)


Unlike hospice care, patients who receive CPR may partake in aggressive treatment options alongside pain and comfort management. CPR is sometimes referred to as pre-hospice care and can help patients transition to hospice care as their condition progresses.

Our CPR team meets the patient’s needs at every stage of illness and seeks to improve their quality of life as long as possible. This includes defining a plan of action for the patient using evidence-based treatments for the disease and providing emotional, spiritual, psychosocial, and practical support.

What is Hospice Care?

Hospice care is end-of-life care for persons and their families facing a terminal illness or injury. Hospice care uses pain management and a well-rounded emotional, spiritual, and psychosocial support system to allow patients to approach the end of life with dignity and comfort.

Our hospice care team works with the patient and their family to develop and implement individualized support and care regarding their end-of-life wishes. We focus on compassionately caring for the patient rather than using aggressive treatments to cure or stop the progression of the disease.

Our hospice staff makes regular visits to the patient’s home to assess their condition and provide pain management and symptom control services. These include:

  • Administering medications
  • Providing skilled nursing care
  • Assisting with medical equipment or supplies
  • Partnering with home health aides
  • Training caretakers
  • Delivering services such as music therapy, massage, reiki, or aromatherapy
  • Providing psychosocial, spiritual, and emotional support
  • Offering bereavement counseling and support to loved ones

Continuum's Promise

As a hospice care provider, we promise to continuously provide you with the best service, the friendliest staff, and the most innovative care possible.

At Continuum Care of Florida, we are committed to providing our patients with quality care and support. We recognize the need to maintain and enhance the dignity and respect given to each and every individual in our care. Our compassionate, caring outlook manifests itself in the various areas of hospice and palliative care. Our staff works wholeheartedly to do everything possible to enhance the life of your loved ones.

The Continuum Care Team


The medical director co-certifies the terminal diagnoses with the attending physician, and then leads the interdisciplinary team in the development of a plan of care for the patient. The director also provides consultation with other physicians regarding each patient.

The hospice nurse develops a care plan to ensure symptom control and pain management. The nurse coordinates care with the attending physician, primary caregiver, and care center staff as well as doctors visits. The hospice nurse provides family training as well.

The social worker assesses patient and family’s emotional, social, spiritual, and financial needs and then develops a plan of care tailored to meet identified needs. The social worker also provides direct counseling as needed, or refers patients and families to appropriate community agencies to ensure support is available.

Volunteers provide companionship and comfort to help support the patient and family. They also help with various non-medical services, such as letter writing, and time for caregivers and family. Volunteers also provide support at time of death and during the bereavement process.

The attending physician certifies the terminal diagnosis, and directs and approves a plan of care based on the patient’s needs and symptoms. The physician then coordinates the patients’ care together with the interdisciplinary team.

The home health aide provides the patients with direct personal care. The aide ensures the patient’s comfort, and provides emotional support for the patient’s family. The aide also identifies the patient’s needs and report them to the RN case manager.

The chaplain’s job is to assess patient and family spiritual needs, and to develop a plan of care to meet identified needs. The chaplain provides direct spiritual counseling, consultations and referrals to community clergy. The chaplain is available to assist with memorial preparations if desired.
Our bereavement team provides emotional support by direct contact or by telephone for families going through the grieving process. We keep up an ongoing correspondence in the form of supportive letters. We also hold regularly scheduled memorial services to celebrate the lives and memories of loved ones.

Florida's #1 Palliative Care

Whether you or your loved one is receiving palliative or hospice care, our professional, compassionate services meet your needs. Our palliative care services include emergency care and consultations that are available 24/7, every day of the year.

We also offer:

Nursing care
Our CPR nurses offer in-person visits and phone consultations. We also provide 24/7 access to triage services.

Social work services
Our social workers support patients and caregivers and collaborate with your medical providers for comprehensive care. 

Gold Standard Support
Our trained staff provides psychosocial support and spiritual support for patients and families to meet their mental and physical needs. We ensure our patients are being looked after on all levels, including emotionally and spiritually.

What Sets our Hospice Care Apart

Continuum Care of Florida keeps our patients comfortable while supporting their families through this challenging time. In addition to medication management, emergency care, and home nursing care, Continuum Care of Florida offers the following hospice care services:

Home health aides

Our home health aides provide additional, individualized care for our hospice patients.

Special therapies

Our hospice care services include special therapies for patients, such as music, speech, physical, and occupational therapy.

Spiritual and psychosocial support

Our support team provides your and your loved ones with spiritual support when requested. We also provide psychosocial support to help cope with feelings of loneliness and grief.

Bereavement support

We offer bereavement counseling to the patient’s family for a minimum of 13 months after their passing.

Why Choose Continuum Care?

Continuum Care uses a collaborative approach to palliative and hospice care. This helps create a comforting and secure environment for you and your loved ones during a stressful time.


We offer wide-ranging clinical support that helps patients manage the physical symptoms of their illness. Our hospice team provides specialty care to patients and their families using high-level training and unique qualifications. We focus on home-based care so your loved one can remain at home during the end of their life.


Seek Compassionate, Professional Care for Your Loved One

To learn more about Continuum Care of Broward and Continuum Care of Sarasota’s palliative and hospice care services, contact our team today. We provide care for patients in Florida’s Broward, Miami-Dade, and Sarasota counties and are happy to assist you in obtaining understanding and tender care for your loved one.